Beer and Nuts… Good for your Heath? Huh?

What could be better than yummy salty nuts with an ice cold beer?
I’ll tell you what:

Nuts and Beer are HEALTHY for you!

Ok, ok, i know it sounds too good to be true.
So here’s the deal we’re not talking about going on a long bender, eating a single almond and calling it a healthy meal…
But drinking a beer and eating some nuts have great health benefits!

So here’s science:
Nuts boost good (HDL) cholesterol, and lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.
And alcohol is a blood thinner which helps prevent blood clots.
On their own, each is tasty and good for you — gotta love science that gives you a reason to eat and drink.

Nuts and beer are a dynamic duo
They taste better together… it’s a well know fact, just check urban dictionary.
But really, when had together not only do you get the benefits of each, but, Swedish researchers have found that the fat and fiber in nuts slows down the absorption of alcohol.
Translation: Heathy and no hangover.

So Cheers and Eat Up!

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