Bulk Candy Adds a Sweet Touch to Any Event

Bulk candy makes the perfect treat for every occasion.

Bulk candy can be served during any occasion or event, such as holiday celebrations, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, carnivals, parades and corporate functions – providing a sweet addition to any gathering.

Weddings everywhere are utilizing bulk candy as wedding favors, table snacks and even as its own dessert buffet. More brides are turning to candy to save on the expense of dessert. In addition to satisfying both young and old guests, candy can also be used for wedding décor purposes. Mixing and matching a candy centerpiece with décor has become popular in modern weddings, as well as choosing complimentary candy colors to pair with bridesmaid dresses.

Some tips for dealing with candy at a wedding:

–    Be aware of other people’s dietary, vegan or health concerns and offer a supplement to the sugar buffet.
–    Note the temperature of wedding venue and avoiding ordering chocolate or other candy that might melt with heat.
–    For hygienic reasons, a scoop or tongs should be used to dish up the candy.
–    Order bulk candy to ensure there is enough for each guest.
–    Leftover candy can be sent home with guests as a party favor.

Wherever there are children, there is demand for candy. Children’s birthday parties require bulk candy to give away as prizes for party games, such as pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs. Candy can also be stuffed into a piñata for children to retrieve using a bat. Lastly, goodie bags should not be forgotten, as most kids judge a party by the amount of treats they can take home with them.

School or charity carnivals are popular events for bulk candy consumption. Kids look forward to candy prizes after bobbing their head for apples or doing the beanbag toss. Teachers and parents share their own form of trickery by using candy as motivation. Whether it’s chocolate, cookies, or ice cream, chores and good grades are sure to be achieved when sugar is involved.

Corporate functions are taking the same direction in their candy cravings. Bulk candy is being set out at corporate events as an icebreaker for employees to enjoy while networking with each other. It has been proven that a shared candy or treat in a work environment encourages camaraderie among employees. During corporate presentations or proposals, candy is also used to welcome clients and start the presentation on a good sugary note.

Mascots on parade floats toss out bulk candy to children as they ride down the street in the procession. The children wait anxiously to gather a selection of tootsie rolls, peanuts, lollipops, caramel taffy, gumballs and more.

With celebration, comes indulgence. Bulk candy provides that special touch to any event. Due to popularity and low expense, more and more people are choosing to buy candy in bulk. Not only does it cut down on price, but it also lowers the amount of packaging, keeps for a long time, saves on holiday shopping and preparation, and is perfect for those last minute get-togethers!

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