Buy Nuts in Bulk for a Happy, Healthy Kitchen

A blog about the many uses for nuts and the advantages of buying nuts in bulk for businesses and households.

Nuts are a snack too often taken for granted. Not as bright and flashy as candy and usually not packaged in shiny foil like potato chips, nuts can be fairly easy to overlook when thinking about snack food to serve. But if you think about it, if nuts vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, we would all miss them terribly in pretty short order. Some of our favorite flavors come from nuts. Peanut butter, marzipan, almond brittle… these are just a few of the many reasons confectioners like to buy nuts in bulk. The world of candy just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Nuts are an essential ingredient in many beloved foods. From the simple (think trail mix) to the elegant (think Brazil nut truffles) to the truly sublime (rocky road fudge, pecan pie, yes please!), nuts aren’t just one of our favorite foods, they’re many of our favorite foods! Flexible and easy to work with, nuts are included in both sweet and savory dishes. Restaurants buy nuts in bulk to include them in everything from salads to desserts to crunchy crusts for baked fish… hungry yet? How about imagining a world without Thai peanut sauce, without Indian pistachio fudge or without salty-sweet cashew nuts to snack on at parties? It’s enough to make anyone want to go out and buy some nuts in bulk, just to stock up!

But there’s more than just delightful taste to make people buy nuts in bulk. Nuts are not only tasty, they’re wonderfully healthy. Nuts provide fiber, protein and essential vitamins and nutrients to people of all ages and in all cultures. Some of the earliest examples of prepared food involved regional nuts, either roasted or raw. We’ve been eating nuts for longer than we’ve been writing down the recipes! Doesn’t that just make you want to find the first person who invented roasted peanuts and give them a great big hug? If our ancestors hadn’t made the delightful discovery that nuts are edible, we wouldn’t be able to snack on raw almonds, toasted pecans or indulge our less health-obsessed side by having hazelnut chocolate spread on toast for breakfast. And that would be a tragedy.

Of course, it’s not just stores who buy nuts in bulk. Many people like to have a handy supply of their favorite snacking nuts within easy reach. If there’s a particular type of nuts that sees a lot of use in your household, buying nuts in bulk could be a cost-effective way to make sure that your favorite snack, or the ingredients to your favorite mean, are always available. After all, there’s nothing quite like deciding that you want to make macadamia nut cookies with white chocolate chunks and then discovering that you’ve run out of nuts.

Buying nuts in bulk is a smart and easy way to keep yourself in snacks, ingredients and good, healthy food ideas. Next time you’re looking for something to serve, something to bake, or just something to chop up and sprinkle on your ice cream, consider enriching your kitchen with a supply of your favorite flavor of nut!

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