Can’t Eat Just One… Chocolate Clusters Recipe

I was thinking to myself the other day “I really do love chocolate and I am craving it reallllllly bad… like right now!!” I needed a sweet little chocolate treat that I could add just a little of this and a little of that to. Well, I concocted these little devils. Check ‘em out!!! ↓↓↓

chocolate clusters recipe

Yeah, I know… Yummo!! My friend even told me they look like something Little Debbie would create. Pretty proud of myself! So, now you’re thinking to yourself “wow, I really need to make these… like right now!” Well, you will love the fact that they are so very simple, and yes, they really are as delicious as they look!

Here’s the chocolate clusters recipe:

Step 1:

I started out by putting some random goodies into a mini muffin tin (no chocolate on the bottom for this step). I used large cashews (roasted/no salt), Unblanched almonds (roasted/no salt), pecan halves (roasted/no salt), blanched hazelnuts (raw), you could also consider just getting a good ol’ bag of mixed nuts (it’s completely up to you whether you use salted nuts or no salt). I prefer no salt for a slightly healthier option. I also added some dried cherries, dried blueberries and even some mini marshmallows (my weakness)! But, like I said, you can add pretty much anything that your sweet little heart desires. These are just some basic starter ideas.


Step 2:

Next, I melted my cocoa light diskins / milk melting wafers in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 second increments, stirring each time until the wafers are completely melted. I chose to put the melted chocolate in a Ziploc bag and cut a very small piece off at the tip so I could easily fill the cups with little to no mess. I filled the remaining empty cups about ¼ full with my melted chocolate first before adding the extra goodies on top (for the clusters you want almost completely covered in chocolate). Again, completely up to you whether you choose to use cocoa light diskins/milk melting wafers, cocoa dark diskins/melting wafers, or even white diskins/melting wafers.

They also make fun and festive holiday treats – for Halloween you could use an orange colored chocolate or Saint Patty’s Day use our green. Tons of choices for melting chocolate.… I prefer milk chocolate over all others, just my personal choice. I added shredded sweetened coconut at this step only because the coconut will not stick for the “open-bottomed” clusters.

Step 3:

I then covered the first cups I had filled with my various nuts, fruit, etc. with my melted chocolate. Allow a few minutes for the chocolate to slip down into the crevices so that everything will stick together.


Step 4:

Cover the remaining cups with more melted chocolate to seal the deal! Again, wait about 5 minutes for the chocolate to get down into the cracks before sticking them into the fridge.


I decided to add some toppings to make them just a tad bit prettier. I topped them with the same ingredients that were inside so my friends would be able to tell what they were choosing when I bring these to my next party. I think it adds a nice touch! You have to do this quickly while the chocolate is still wet so that the toppings will stick when they are done.


Step 5: Almost Done!

Throw those little guys in the fridge and wait it out. I got sleepy and fell asleep so mine were left in the fridge overnight. Didn’t hurt them a bit, I actually think it gave them a nice shiny finish. But, if you leave them in the fridge for about an hour, you will be good to go! I used a non-stick pan so they slipped out with little to no effort. You could also try putting cupcake inserts into the cups before adding your ingredients. Might be a good idea for a themed party? So, here’s my finished product, makes your mouth water right?

Chocolate Clusters

Add Your Own Twist:

Some other cool ideas to try for your own twist on a this chocolate clusters recipe:
-Add melted vanilla caramels in the middle to create nutty caramel clusters
-Layer your chocolate (try dark chocolate on the bottom and milk chocolate on the top or vice versa). You could even drizzle them with white chocolate after they are done for a cool look.

  • Add peanuts
  • Add banana chips
  • Add shelled pistachios
  • Add a dried apricot or two
  • Add crushed nuts on top for a unique look

So grab some chocolate now!
Try it as an after school or rainy day activity with the kiddos (they will love it!)

Seriously people, the possibilities are endless!! Make it fun and cater to your taste!
And try this awesome chocolate clusters recipe yourself!

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