Candy Kabobs – Sweet Decorations For any Occasion!

Candy Kabobs

Who says kabobs have to have meat and veggies on them? We like to put our own twist on things at the Nut House! Here, I present you with candy kabobs! Don’t they look delicious? Almost too good to eat… almost. With Independence Day quickly approaching, I decided to use our patriotic colors of red, white and blue. You could use any color scheme you like for all special occasions including: baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, themed parties, birthday parties, weddings, holidays, etc.  

candy kabobs

Here’s what I used for my Candy Kabobs:

  • Gummi Grapefruit
  • Gummi Raspberries
  • Cherry Slices
  • Licorice Wheels
  • Gummy Bears
  • Gummy Cherry Rings
  • Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings
  • Gummy Butterflies
  • 12” Skewers
  • 1 Glass Jar (for presentation)
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative Grass

You can get any and all of this candy you want from our bulk candy section.

The Candy Kabobs project:

Making the candy kabobs was the perfect, fun, crafty and let’s not forget tasty project for me to do with my daughter. She loved picking out the exact right piece of candy from our bulk candy pile. I’m pretty sure that her favorite was the putting the licorice wheel on the top of the candy kabobs— just like icing on the cake. She squealed in delight every time.

The candy kabobs making process is pretty darn simple— I’ll give you a quick run down. But first let me tell you- if you do it right… and you eat one piece of candy for every you put on the skewer ;) and making the candy kabobs will take you little while.

The candy kabobs how to:
First, carefully pick your first piece of candy and slide it onto the skewer, make sure to press the can­dies a a bit over halfway down on the skewer.
Your candy kabobs will turn out best if you alternate, colors, sizes, styles and fla­vors.

Tip: Because I found out the hard way – Be careful with the skew­ers! The end as i can attest is sharp, pointed and somehow jumps out and pokes you, when you least expect it.

I made sure that my daughter never poked herself while making the candy kabobs and ironically poked myself a few times. And when you get to the top piece of candy you’ll want to make sure that you only push it about half way down the skewer – so the tip isn’t poking out the top of the candy kabobs. And that’s all there is to the candy kabobs project!

My little one was a bit bummed that I made her wait to devour it till I had arranged it perfectly and taken a photo. But she had plenty of treats while making them. So maybe this isn’t an every Saturday project. We’ll save the candy kabobs for special occasions only — probably go for the a bit healthier project next week. But you’ve got to treat yourself occasionally!

The Plan

Ok so, the plan is to the candy kabobs early in the day on the day of the party. In this case it’s the 4th of july— the candy kabobs will make a great accent pieces for our our festive and patriotic party. We’re Going to have several tables — and people can pick a skewer, get their own candy kabobs and enjoy the rest of the bbq and festivities.

Perfect for any occasion!

Of course candy kabobs can be tailored to just about any occasion… that’s the beauty of this fun, simple candy kabobs project! You can make scary Halloween candy kabobs with gummy ghosts and chewy brains. Or you could opt for something a bit merrier and make Christmas candy kabobs, and use marshmallow Santas, gummy wreaths, and the like. If you need more candy kabobs ideas – check out heidi’s blog about candy kabobs. Endless candy centered fun!

These candy kabobs go great on a buffet table, dessert table or as a table centerpiece. Use your imagination and have fun with it! Happy 4th! 

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