Cashews – a source of Vitamins and Minerals


You can’t help but love foods that taste GREAT and have awesome health benefits. Cashews are famous for their flavor and as spectacular source of vitamins and minerals.

People who are looking to follow low carbohydrate diets should think about adding nuts to their diet. Cashews are very low in carbs and contain healthy fats and provide vitamins and minerals including calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, thiamin etc. Plus, there is no cholesterol in the fats of cashews. Cashews are great for heart health because they are packed full of healthy fat without increasing bad cholesterol levels.

They deliver a high amount of fiber which will have a great effect on your weight management… Think being able to fit into your “skinny” jeans.

Cashews can play a significant role in the growth of bones since it provides magnesium and calcium which will help in growth and maintenance of muscles and bones. Magnesium that Cashews provide in adequate levels also help in reducing asthma, lowering blood pressure and preventing heart attacks.
Copper content in cashews adds flexibility to your joints and provides blood vessels with the ability to better utilize of iron.
Copper also plays an important role to eliminate the free radicals, which can help improve memory and brain functionality.

Antioxidants which, cashews are rich in, are proven to reduce the incidence of cancer and other serious diseases.
Cashews are also found to be helpful in recovery of skin problems because they provide essential the vitamins and minerals to the body.

So Eat some Cashews today.

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