Chocolate… Minus the Guilt.

Ah Dr. Oz,

Yet another nugget of health info that i love you for.
According to the Doc, there is such a thing as a healthy chocolate treat.

I was sitting at my favorite chinese food dive when i heard those magical words and I began daydreaming of all the chocolate treats i was going to ravenously consume.
Apparently, sitting there with a stupid grin on your face with drool dripping down your chin, thinking about chocolate gets you a couple strange looks.
Mmm… I couldn’t wait to dive into that bag of M&M’s.

But then the bad news… Dun Dun Duhh:
It must contain at least 70 percent cacao.

Ugh… Damn you Dr. Oz.
Making me so happy and then taking it away.
I mean, chocolate is easy to find. Easy, you can get it anywhere, 7-eleven, the super market, i mean almost anywhere.
But 70% cacao, what?

So now here comes the shameless self promoting…
Because I’m such a chocolate lover… I came right back to Jerry’s Nut House the next day and made the staff figure out how i could get my healthy chocolate fix.

The beginnings of the Jerry’s Chocolate Bar were born.
We spent weeks figuring it out.
Now it’s perfect.

I didn’t care about all the technical mumbo jumbo. But by the end of i knew all of it.
And guess what? Chocolate like ours can be super heathy.
Get your Chocolate… Minus the Guilt.

I’ll tell you all about the health benefits of chocolate in my next post.

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