De-Friggin-LICIOUS Recipe: How to Make Almond Milk and Almond Flour

Almond Milk Recipe and Almond Flour Recipe

Almond Milk Recipe

yield: about 5 cups almond milk; 2 Cups Almond Flour
1.5 cups whole blanched raw almonds
4 cups water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tbsp agave nectar
dash cinnamon
optional – dash nutmeg

metal strainer
baking pan

Love’s Me This Almond Milk Recipe! –

Problem is at the store they add tons of crap to it. This milk is best kept simple.
Tons of sugar – not necessary… actually i think it ruins it. The if you get good quality almonds then why would you ruin the delicate flavor with the addition of preservatives, loads of sugar and unnatural bs.

So Yes you can buy it… but since you’re here –
Obviously you’re one of the smart ones that will take the 10 minutes it takes to make the right way.
It’s quick it’s easy, plus you get the added bonus of the almond flour and… You’ll love it when you’re done

So grab that measuring cup and get your 1.5 cups of almonds…
almonds in measuring cup

Time for a soak –
Start soaking those almonds. I like to use whole blanched almonds because the almond skins have already been removed.
Problem with the skins is that they are a touch bitter… plus drinking em down, doesn’t sound so pleasant even if they are blended.
almonds soaking in water
(yep i know mine are on the stove and in a pan… i couldn’t find a good container. – Your’e NOT going to cook them!)

Quick Note: If You Have almonds with the skin on —
How to blanch (take the skin off) your almonds.

So ya bought the one’s with the skin on huh?
Boil some water. Add the almonds for 1 min.
Seriously… only one minute. The goal is not to cook em, just to get the skins off.
Drain, rinse under cold H2O, Drain again.
Pat Dry and Start a-peelin’.
It’s kinda a pain. So just buy the blanched almonds to begin with… Capiche?

Now on with the almond milk recipe
You’re going to want to soak the almonds for a couple hours… even better if you can soak them over night.
Yeah i know it sucks to have to wait… but it really softens em up and makes them much easier to blend.
Course you can do it without soaking… but you need one hulk of a blender! If you’ve go a suped-up blender on steroids… then go for it.
For the rest of us soaking – pretty necessary.

Ok you’ve waited 4 hours – what now?
Milk em!
Drain the water, and place the soaked almonds in your blender.
almonds being strained

And here we go fire up the blender.
almonds in blender
Add 1.5 cups of water to start. We’re going to slowly add more till we get the right consistency.
Probably going to need to blend for 3-4 mins.
The milk is still going to start out super chunky and have large pieces of almonds in there.
It’s ok. It’s not done yet at all.

After a few minutes-
you should have something that looks like and is the consistency of a milk shake…
Now there’s an idea- almond milkshake- Sounds yummy. I’m thinking that’s my next project.
Sorry… bit side tracked. – back to it-

If yours doesn’t look as smooth and delicious as mine, add a bit more water and keep it going, till it looks like this.
almonds being blended

Now add your agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. – obviously this is optional.
Start by adding a bit less of everything – you can always add more.
These ingredients just help enhance the flavor of the almond milk – it shouldn’t overwhelm the natural almond flavor.
almond receipe - adding spices

Next add the rest of the water 2 1/2 cups.
Let’er rip again – until all the pieces are gone and you have a true milk consistency.
Taste the milk, and adjust the vanilla, cinnamon, and sweetener to taste.
Optional- a pinch of salt.
Just a touch of salt really makes the flavors pop.

Tasty Right?
But we still have the texture issue. You don’t want to be sucking down all the almond pieces and meal.
You want something much closer to the smooth consistency of milk –

So it’s time to strain

Get Your strainer, layer in cheese cloth – you need a couple layers so that the smaller almond pieces don’t seep through.
Place your strainer over a bowl and pour in the almond milk.
Use a spoon or spatula to move the solids around so the milk can pass through.
Once you’ve gotten all the liquid out, give the cheese cloth a bit of a squeeze to get out the last of it.

almond milk before it is strained

You’ll be left with really fine almond meal inside the cheesecloth.
What? You were thinking about throwing it out? Don’t You Dare!
Set it aside and keep it to make almond flour.

Ah Refreshing… You’ve just completed the Almond Milk Recipe

Now take a big swig of your almond milk… Put it in a jar and store it in the refrigerator. It may separate a bit after having been stored for a while. Just give it a shake and it’s good as new.
Keeps for about a week. – But really its too tasty to make it a week, usually gone by the first night.

PS. You can also try this with any other gourmet nutscashews, pecans – but gotta say almond is my favorite.

Now for that almond flour recipe…

Super simple-

Set your oven to 300 or 325 degrees. – Basically a low heat.
Take the almond meal that you set aside in the cheesecloth.
Grab you baking sheet and spread the almond meal out evenly. almonbd flour spread out - pre bake
Throw it in the oven!

It will take a while to dry – all you’re looking to do is remove the moisture.
Then you have almond flour.

Careful – It can and will burn if you forget about it… like i did this time.
Darn Adam Sandler movie marathon… And I forgot to set a timer. UGH.

Lesson… Don’t let you’re almond flour be a victim of Adam Sandler – Set your timer.
Or your flour will burn :(.

P.S There are no pictures of the burnt almond flour – was too sad.

So there you go an awesome almond milk recipe and a sweet almond flour recipe

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