Denver Chocolate – Decadent, Delicious, Delightful: Where To Get That Chocolate Fix In Denver

I Love Chocolate…
Personally, there’s nothing better than a spectacular dark chocolate treat. It’s not so sweet as Milk Chocolate, and is a perfect combo of bitter-sweet chocolate flavor. One of the perks of working at Jerry’s Nut House is that get to try all sorts of chocolate treats – because we work with all the top Denver chocolate stores and confectioners.

Denver Chocolate

Not all our favorites are too well known – So We figured we’d share our secret choco finds…

Here’s Our List Of the Top Denver Chocolate Shops

In no particular order…

Jerry’s Nut House
Obligatory self promotion… We’ve got a great chocolate selection. From Exotic Mint Chocolate Cookie Malt Balls to chocolate covered fruit and nuts. We’ve got something that will please you. Plus we offer truffles and other confections from local Denver chocolate shops.

Focusing on specialty and custom candies… Roberta will make just about anything for you and make it delicious! Want your name on a bar of chocolate… just call roberta – she’ll make it happen. A local gem in located in the highlands.
Chocolate Therapist
For when you need a bit of chocolate therapy to make it all better. They make handcrafted, all-natural chocolate with nuts, berries, spices and organic flavoring oils. As healthy and good for you as it gets when you’re talking about chocolate.
Colorado Candy Kitchen
Linda From Colorado Candies is a chocolate wiz. Yes Ok I know it’s not exactly denver but it’s too good to be overlooked. If you’re up in the mountains it’s worth the trip to go see them.
Who in the denver area doesn’t know Enstroms? Famously good for a reason. A little on the pricier side- their treats are well worth the extra cash.
At Dietrich’s not only can you get some stellar chocolate… but you can also get some lunch. They really know what they’re doing at this multifaceted chocolate shop. My recommendation – grab yourself a choco treat and then head next door to the awesome independent coffee shop – Kaladi Brothers Coffee – And enjoy your a sip of coffee with you snack.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
There are a bunch of delicious locations.
Concerto’s and Chocolate
A Boulder Staple – Concertos makes european style chocolate
Patsy’s has been around since 1903! And is still making high quality handcrafted confections
Stephanies Chocolate
Located in Arvada- Stephany’s specializes in french inspired truffles.
Kilwin’s Chocolate
Kilwins- yes I know that they are in Fort Collins – bit outside Denver… but this laid back chocolate, coffee, ice cream shop is worth a stop if you’re out that way.
Chocolate Crisis Center
Chocolate with an attitude… When you need a fix – this is were to go.
See’s Candy
You probably know See’s – And there’s a reason that this shop is so popular – Great chocolate and sweet treats at great prices.
Desiderio Chocolates
Vanessa the owner and chocolatier is originally from italy… she sells her italian chocolates out of several locations in boulder and longmont.
A small chocolate shop that produces great treats out of colorado springs.
Sweet chocolate bars! Based out of boulder colorado… You can find their awesome bars in wholefoods and other specialty retailers around the country.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our own sweet sweet selection of chocolate
Since 1948 we’ve been providing denver and shipping our treats all across the country.
You can find us at 2101 Humboldt St. Denver, Co 80205
Right by kaiser hospital!

So many choices for great denver chocolate…

No one said you had to decide! Give em all a try and let me know which is your favorite!


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