Gourmet Popcorn is Simple, Pretty and Delicious

A blog about giving gourmet popcorn and its many gift and party applications.

Just about everyone likes popcorn. It’s easy to make, inexpensive to buy, healthy to eat and, of course, totally delicious! The warm taste and distinctive smell of popcorn bring all kinds of memories back, from cozy nights at home to exciting trips to the movies with friends. All of this makes popcorn an excellent gift to give to friends, co-workers or family. And there’s nothing wrong with making a delicious dish even tastier. So if you’re going to make a gift of popcorn, why not take it a step further and explore all the delicious gourmet popcorn options available to you?

One of the easiest and most popular ways to jazz up your popcorn at home is to add powdered flavoring to it.  Nearly everyone has tried popcorn with a coating of luscious cheddar cheese, tangy dill pickle or bold salt and vinegar flavoring. Best thing about this method of turning plain popcorn into gourmet popcorn is that it is incredibly simple to do. Many grocery stores sell popcorn seasoning in spice shakers, which makes your favorite flavor of popcorn just a spoonful of hot butter and a few shakes away. Popcorn flavor shakers along with popcorn kernels make an excellent gift. They keep for a long time and make for a light, hot snack with very little effort.

Gourmet popcorn, however, goes far beyond do-it-yourself shakers. If you want to make popcorn into a gift suitable for any occasion, there are ways to make popcorn into a wonderful and beautiful dessert that is easy to package up attractively. A candy coating, for example, can turn plain white popcorn into a bright rainbow of sweet color that melts in your mouth. When different colors of candy coating correspond to different flavors, it can be delightful to eat it one piece at a time to enjoy all the different tastes. What’s more, colored popcorn can be wrapped up in a clear plastic bag and decorated with a gift tag and some curled ribbon for a flashy, classy gift idea that’s as simple as it is lovely. A bag of candied gourmet popcorn can be adapted to fit almost any occasion by changing the color of the popcorn kernels. Red and green make it into a lovely Christmas gift. An assortment of spring hues turn a bag of popcorn into an Easter treat, and bright orange popcorn is a staple of Halloween parties everywhere.

Yet another way to enjoy gourmet popcorn is to combine it with other kinds of candy to turn it into a luscious dessert item. Popcorn coated with white chocolate and combined with bright chocolate candies makes for a decadent sweet treat to bring to a dinner party or shower. With a sticky candy coating, popcorn can be formed into balls or molded into hearts, stars and other shapes to make it appropriate for any occasion. Popcorn balls are both delicious and decorative, making them a brilliant way to include gourmet popcorn in both the décor and the dining at a party! And, of course, there is always the childhood favorite of caramel corn. Some things never get old.

Gourmet popcorn is more than just a sweet or savory treat. In some parts of the world, plain popcorn or brightly colored popcorn are strung together to make garlands for Christmas trees. Some families even use popcorn balls as Christmas ornaments (though families with pets or small children should be wary of using anything edible as a decoration if they want it to last all season).  Halloween is another celebration where gourmet popcorn sees a lot of use. Popcorn balls can be colored orange or green and do double-duty as festive pumpkins or spooky goblin faces. You’ve got to admit that the best kind of decoration is one that you can eat when you’re done with it!

Gourmet popcorn is one of the best and easiest gift ideas out there. It is tasty to eat, pretty to look at, and can be adapted to almost any occasion. Next time you’re at a loss for a quick and easy gift, or for a simple but glamorous dessert to bring to a party or potluck; consider shopping for some stylish, colorful and delicious popcorn to make your next event a success.

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