How To Make Caramel popcorn: Jerry’s Nut House Secrets Revealed

How to make Caramel Popcorn Jerry’s Style

Here’s the deal… It’s not as easy as it looks. Our master popper Johnny has been doing this for 23 years at Jerry’s Nut House.
Check out the video and watch Johnny do his thing.

Recipe to follow in the next post…
Here’s a little advice from Johnny to get you started:

  • Popcorn

    “You have to start with the best kernels! Air pop to perfection.
    You don’t want to do the microwave popcorn thing… you could but it won’t turn out the same.
    If you have to make sure its just popcorn, no butter. Just great popcorn”.

  • The caramel

    “Always helps to have an awesome copper pot. Copper conducts heat super well and distributes it evenly which, helps in making the best caramel. So if you have a copper pot use it!
    If not you can use any pot, try to use one that conducts and distributes heat well.

    Warning: Be careful. The caramel gets UBER HOT! And it will bubble and spit.
    Wear long sleeves and gloves. If it gets on you it will burn the heck out of you. I’ve got the scars to prove it.”

  • Mix It Together

    Gotta be careful here. At home it’s a two person job, one to pour and one to mix. You need to keep stirring as you mix in the caramel.
    But be gentle, caramel corn is fickle treat ‘er like a lady”.

  • Let the ‘corn rest

    Here we have a special table that pumps out air through the bottom to cool the caramel corn evenly. At home you can recreate this.
    Buy some of that grilling foil with the small circular holes in it and place that over a rack. Plug a fan in and aim it at the caramelcorn.
    Pour the caramel corn out onto the foil.
    PUT ON SOME RUBBER (heat resistant) GLOVES… the Caramel is still 1st degree burn hot!

    Mix it gently until it is cool enough to touch… about 15 mins.

    There you go!

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