How to make your own peanut butter… YUM

It’s simple… But we have a couple rules. Follow them and you’ll be in peanut butter and jelly heaven in no time.
Don’t and well “you’re on your own bub.”

First rule: Fresh Peanuts
Don’t buy the nuts that have been sitting on the convenience store shelf for half a year, swimming in salt, that they guy behind the counter hopes you don’t taste till you’re long gone in your car….

Buy fresh nuts.
Either recently roasted or you can buy them raw and roast your own. It’s up to you, if you find a place that roasts them to your liking, then go with that.
If not you can pretty easily roast your own, which can be worth it to control the exact caramelization and amount of salt used to season…. We’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post.

Second Rule: Keep it simple stupid
If you’ve roasted your own nuts, then just put them in a food processor and process.
It takes a couple minutes and the processor will make some noise…
Really annoying noise, Whir…Whirrr…WHIRRRRRRRRR…
But worth it for fresh homemade peanut butter Just keep going till you get the desired consistency.

Taste Your Creation
You can always stir in a touch more salt while processing if needed.
If you like it chunky you can always split the peanuts into a batch of ¾ to process till you get a nice creamy consistency, remove and place in a sealable container. Then just throw the other peanuts and chop them a bit and add them to the smooth and creamy.

But I don’t have a food processor…
This can also be done in a blender, but you’ll likely have to add a bit of oil to get it to blend. Unfortunately, this means that your peanut butter won’t be quite as healthy for you, but still much better then store bought! I suggest peanut oil, since you are making peanut butter… you could probably get away with a tasteless oil, such as canola, but i haven’t tried. Let me know if you do.

How Does It Taste?
I think its perfect without anything added. But, if you’re still craving that sweetness that you get in the store bought kind (overly sweet for my taste), you might consider adding a touch of sugar or some honey or even agave nectar.

Ok Ok… You still think it’s too much work to enjoy the best tasting, healthy peanut butter.
If you must and insist on buying the stuff from the store, then take a look at this epicurious taste test of the best mass produced peanut butters.

Third Rule: ENJOY!

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