How To Plan A Wedding Candy Buffet

So you’re planning Wedding Candy Buffet. You’ve come to the right place! If not planning one, you should consider it. Why exactly you ask…A wedding candy buffet is awesome!

  • They can be done in any color to match any color scheme you choose
  • Adds visual interest, talk about eye candy ;), and tastes great – Translation saves you some cha-ching.
  • Scooping your own candy is just fun – brings out the kid in ya

Ok I want a candy buffet for my wedding… where do i start?With the Table of Course! You’re going to need Awesome candy containers.
Clear glass. Probably the best choice.
Pick some cool containers and let the candy provide the color.where can I get the glass?

  • Save On Crafts
  • Jar Store
  • Ebay
  • You can always try a local discount shop to get a good deal. For a bargain try tuesday morning, Tj Maxx, Khols and the like.
  • I would keep it mainly clear glass, you can mix in some personalized jars too for a cool touch.. you can get them at
    it’s one of several sites that will do it for you.

And Scoops- you’re gonna need them.
Keep it simple and elegant – sliver scoops. Done.
And just a suggestion, opt for a smaller scoop. Because it’s easier to fit in any size container so it doesn’t limit your choices.
You can get them here: Decorating your table

  • Linens- Go with white to give a super clean look or with one of your wedding colors.
    Keep in mind that you can always do a linen and a table runner
  • Flowers- or even better candy flowers??
  • Ribbon and Lace
  • Candles
  • Pictures of the bride and groom.
  • Tier your table – Make sure to mix up the height of candy containers and set them on top of other decorative boxes.
    Having objects of different heights really adds another dimension of visual interest to the table and makes it all the more stunning.
  • When in doubt go keep it simple- the candy colors will look great against a white linen, when placed in glass containers that are at varying heights

Now For The CandyEasy peasy.
Just depends what you want to do with you wedding candy buffet.
Lots of times doing something that keeps within the color scheme of your wedding works really well.
For example:

Or You can go for the eye catching pops of color that a blend of colors gives. It’s your choice.
Your wedding, your wedding candy buffet… do what makes you happy.So How Much Candy Do I Need?To be on the safe side, about 1/4 to 1/2 pound of candy for each guest.
If you do it right, you’ll probably have a bit left over in the buffet. That’s what you want to keep it looking great the whole night.What Kind Of Candy Should I get?#1 Rule, this should be fun!
Get candy that you love and are going to want to eat.
This isn’t about just looking great… the candy has to do that too, but go for the taste.Suggestions that look and taste great:

Basically anything that’s going to taste great and come in the colors you want. Yes i know that’s not super helpful, but it really personal preference.
If you want a good place to start check out Jerry’s Nut House Wedding candy section.And yes the candy part was super self promoting…
but that said, it really is a great selection. You’ll find what you want.All the other site suggestions are just that- we have no affiliation and don’t get compensated for the recommendations. Just FYI.I want my guests to be able to take some home with themYou can go several directions with this.Either way put out a silver tray on the table and stack the containers of your choosing on them so your guests can take home wedding favors.You can have some cool personalized containers made… for that, there’s one place to go myweddingfavors.comOr you can do something a bit cheaper and get just a simple cello bag. There are several sites that can do them cheaply. You can always add a monogram sticker to the bag to personalize it just a bit and keep costs down.And there you go… it’s all pretty simple.The best part?
It looks great and it won’t break the bank.So Congrats and hopefully we can add some sweets to you’re already sweet celebration.

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