Jerry’s Nut House Announces New Product Additions in its Menu

Jerry’s Nut House has introduced wide range of candies, nuts and roasted almonds to the delight of its customers.

Internet marketing manager of Jerry’s Nut House, Nick Julia said, “We offer wide varieties of items in bulk online. Customers can now choose from different types of chocolates, snacks, trail mixes, dried fruits, candies, and nuts. We also offer discounted five-pound cases or bags that weigh between 25 to 30 pounds”.

Celebration Media, U.S. (CMUS) awarded Jerry’s Nut House the ‘2011 Talk of the Town’ award because of the high quality snack items, trail mixes, chocolates, popcorn, candies, nuts and the candies it sells.

Julia while talking about four out of five star rating in Celebration Media’s Internet review analysis stated, “Our Company sells snack gift baskets, nuts, snack item trays, popcorn trays and gift tins. We roast nuts and pop the popcorns in house. You cannot find the custom snack mixes that we prepare elsewhere.”

Heather Morris who is a regular customer of Jerry’s Nut House has expressed her excitement on addition of new products.

Morris said, “Every time I shop in Jerry’s Nut House, it feels great. I have been shopping there for the last 20 years. It’s exciting to see the wide range of baskets, gift trays, sweets, chocolates, dried fruits, candies, cashews and almonds at Jerry’s”.

She further added that according to her it was the best shopping destination, whether it is for your own self or for the gifting purpose.

She recalled, “The staffs at Jerry’s Nut House are very helpful and I seemly loved the nut clock ticking and the squirrel at the background while shopping for the Christmas”.

Stressing upon the uniqueness of Jerry’s Nut House, Nick Julia stated, “The fact that we pop our own popcorn, roast nuts in house and customize snack mixes that you do not find anywhere, makes us different from the rest. Moreover, we offer superior quality products at affordable rates”.

Nick Julia said, “It makes me immensely happy when I hear that customers are very satisfied with the quality of products we offer. I hear my customers saying that while shopping, they feel like a kid in a candy shop”.

Shiho Ford, another customer said the same thing that Jerry’s Nut House is the best shop for almonds and varieties of nuts. She said, “This place is like a warehouse, which is kept clean and price of the nuts are really affordable. I can think of snack mixes, caramel corn, nuts coated with chocolate and gummy bears like the oriental.”

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