Swapalicious (is that a word?) Food Swap: Join Jerry’s Nut House and Mile High Swappers

Join Jerry’s Nut House for Mile High Swappers December food swap!

Trade, barter, lie, cheat steat… err, ok maybe not the lie cheat steal part.

So come and exchange goodies, if ya know what i mean ;).
Umm and just so you know what i mean..
this is family friendly event so they’ll be only one type of exchanging goodies going on.

So come to Jerry’s Nut House at 2pm
with five or more of your amazing homemade, homegrown or homebrewed goods that you are prepared to part with – they can be all the same thing or a mix.
You can also bring along non-food, handmade items to trade as holiday gifts this month.

You will have a chance to check out the products that other attendees have brought to swap, let them know you are interested in trading for their goodies by signing up on their bid sheets – and then the trading begins!
You can see who wants your amazing soup/jam/cookies/home brew and decide if it’s worth trading for their excellent compote/bread/infused oil/home-laid eggs.

The Rules
You don’t have to take anything you don’t want and you definitely do not have to spend any money – cash is strictly forbidden.
You do have to come expecting a fun time. Samples are nice too!

The only rule concerning what you bring to swap is that it must be homemade – if it’s organic, gluten-free,vegan, low-sugar etc. that’s great – just make sure you label it accordingly so you can easily find like-dieting people to swap with.
We will collect homegrown produce and commercially prepared non-perishable items to donate to a local food pantry at the swap – so bring an extra something along.

Check out the FAQ page at Mile High Swappers Food Swap for more info on how this all goes down.

Where: Jerry’s Nut House
When: Sunday Dec, 4th, At 2pm – 4pm
What:Mile High Swappers Food Swap

For directions to Jerry’s Nut House
Click on the link Best Nuts In Town!
(We never toot our own horn– it’s just not us)

So Cheers and we’re looking forward to having all you mile high swappers at the food swap!

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