What the Heck Is a Blanched Nut or an Unblanched Nut?

Do you feel like a blanched nut or an unblanched nut?

Maybe the better question is what the heck is a blanched nut or unblanched nut?

Well, many nuts like almonds, peanuts or hazelnuts are grown in a shell. When the shell is removed there is still a skin on the outside of the nutmeat. Blanching is a process that removes the skin from the nut meat.

So how do you blanch a nut? The process itself, is done by putting the nuts in very hot water for about a minute (blanching) then cooling them rapidly and rubbing off the skin.

Which are better, blanched or unblanched Nuts?
Well, neither… it just depend what you plan on doing, cooking or snacking on the nuts.

Blanched nuts are used mostly for cooking and baking. If the nut is unblanched and the skin is still on, the skin will separate during cooking. Leaving your baked goodie, a husky mess.

But, for snacking nothing beats an unblanched nut. The husk adds just a touch of flavor, and is packed full of nutrients.
Either way blanched or unblanched nuts are super tasty and are great for your health.
You know what they say… A handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away!

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