Why You Should Be Eating Raw Nuts

Have you fallen prey to the myth?

For years idea of incorporating raw nuts into a healthy, nutritious low fat diet was preposterous for doctors, nutritionists and dieters alike.  Nuts were mistakenly given a bad reputation for having a high fat content and a high calorie count and the many health benefits were largely unknown to the mass public and health experts.

When the information of good fats and monounsaturated fats hit the newsstands, dieters were able to celebrate in finally knowing that they were encouraged to eat a certain amount of these ‘good fat’ foods like nuts to enhance their health and help LDL cholesterol levels reach desired levels.  The FDA is now even considering implementing a current proposal letting nut companies state in writing on all their raw nuts and other nuts that: an ounce of nuts is the daily recommended consumption amount that will contribute to lowering the risk of heart disease.

This is all great news to anyone trying to eat healthier or lower their cholesterol.  Especially since many are constantly struggling with the ‘lack of taste’ new diets impose.   Women and men alike have been delighted in being advised by health professionals and medical studies that raw nuts like almonds provide essential vitamins and nutrients into people’s diets, as well as giving the body crucial antioxidants to help rid itself of unhealthy toxins and radicals.

Vitamin E, vitamin B12, selenium, lutein and numerous other antioxidants, minerals and nutrients are found in a wide and vast array of raw nuts and cooked nuts alike.  However, it is worth mentioning that for those people out there who enjoy the taste of almonds and can not get enough of them; raw almonds are proven to contain the natural antioxidant, flavonoid in their skins.  When consumed in whole, raw nut form the flavonoids enter the body and begin getting to work on releasing and cleansing the body of the harmful, free radicals and damaging toxins that have infiltrated their cells.

When planning the next trip to the grocery store, count on not picking up the usual bags of potato chips, salty snacks and sugar-filled foods to take home.  You can feel great about stocking up on a wide variety of all the best, most flavorful nuts on the market.  But, you definitely don’t have to be on a diet to start enjoying the flavor and health benefits that getting in the good habit of eating an ounce of raw nuts or cooked nuts every day will yield.

When considering what things can be done to improve nutrition and diet, decide to include and consume raw nuts (particularly raw almonds) every day.  The benefits of the raw nuts are extensive plus they naturally have an awesome taste that can at times, I admit, make it hard to stop snacking on them!  Limiting daily nut consumptions to about an ounce will ensure that too many calories are not consumed but yet enough of the amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential to the body are derived from the daily snack.  Overall, inserting delicious nuts into your daily diet promotes better health and nutrition.

The delicious taste and filled up, satisfied feeling you’ll experience after consuming the little bundles of nutrition have kept nut fans coming back time after time to get more raw nuts, roasted almonds, cashews and even pistachios to stock up their pantry with.  There are not many snacks that can be eaten and enjoyed that also deliver and provide the vast amount of benefits to the human body and digestive system as nuts do.

We have a wide selection of raw nuts and nuts of the highest quality and most delicious taste.  Find your favorite nuts now for optimum health benefits.

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