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Sizzlin' Sweet
Richard Norris
The Sweetest Sizzlin'

The Only Way To Describe These Are: DELICIOUS!!!!

Jerry’s is a great place to shop for candy!

I miss shopping inside their shop but always easy to shop online. Tasty choices & many different excellent items at good prices. I especially love the nonpareils but I’ve never been disappointed in any purchase.

Warning...these are addictive

As a young boy going to the movies in the '60s a special treat was a box of raisinets. Jerry's DARK CHOCOLATE DRIED CRANBERRIES takes this treat to a whole new level. The dark chocolate is excellent and the cranberries are moist. My only problem is I can't stop eating them, that is why I bought a 5lb bag!

Licorice Allsorts
Patricia Dyer
In Store Opening

loved the product however the delivery price was outrages. The delivery should be lower for small orders since the store is not open. When if ever is the store going to reopen for walk in purchases.

Caramelized Mixed Nuts
Jennings Larson

We have been buying annually, for years, a variety of nuts and fruits from Jerry's Nut House and the two that everyone like best is CARAMELIZED MIXED NUTS & CRAZY FOR CRANBERRIES. I personally rate the Caramelized Mixed Nuts are the BEST ever. We are planning to order again this fall (2023)
Thank you to each employee for outstanding SERVICE!
Jennings Larson 2-6-2023

Amazing value!

This much for just a small amount of $72.85!?

Pooja Sankar
Love Gorp

Our favorite and go to for all outdoor activities (hiking, rafting, skiing) + trips where we want quick/convenient access to snacks.

Excellent Almonds for making smoked almonds

These are excellent almonds to put in a smoker! Also these work great for those roasted almonds recipes.

Love how much chocolate is used for this candy!

Fantastic candy

Still my favorites

Delicious, as always (and arrived earlier than expected, which was a nice bonus).

Mint Cookie Malt Balls
Judy Brenneman
Almost all gone...

Gift for someone who loves mint, cookies, and chocolate malt balls -- and is now requesting that I please buy more of these on a regular basis :)

Great stocking stuffer

Gave these as gifts (to grown-up kids) -- everyone loved them; they are a great alternative to sugar overload, though were a bit too salty for some (and were just right for others, of course).

Corn Nuts
Lori Hannah
The best corn nuts out there!

These are the best! They taste so fresh, and they crunch, but a nice crunch. I don't have to worry about breaking a tooth with Jerry's Nut House corn nuts!

Sizzlin' Sweet
gary hill
I loved the sizzling sweet

I loved the sizzling sweet

1 lb Royal Mixed Nuts Tin - Roasted & Salted
William Hoople
Royal Mixed Nuts w pounds

went fast. I should have order a larger quantity

Excellent cashews

Absolutely love your cashews, they could use a little more salt to suit my taste. Large and fresh, wonderful.

honey toasted cashews

I've only had about 25 pounds of the honey toasted cashews, but I'm still not sure if I like them or not. I'll stay
in touch.

Tuxedo Pretzels
Carey Thompson

The chocolate peanuts and the pretzels were delicious.

Addictive Delight

These are not only delicious, but I'm having trouble limiting myself to just a few a day. I love them!

Great for open house/holiday get togethers!

I order theses every Thanksgiving & Christmas. They go over very well!

Milk Chocolate Caramels
William Gallegos
Best snacks ever!

Milk chocolate Carmel’s and Boston baked beans absolutely wonderful!

Salted Pecans

Excellent nuts, roasted just right and salted sufficiently.

Chocolate Bridge Mix
Tracy D Washington
Jerry’s Nuthouse Good Treats

Chocolate Mix, Chocolate Raisins, Australian Licorice were three choices this order. All very good. Will order again soon. Website is easy and pick up is convenient because I work next door. Thanks, T.

Peanut Passion
Rob Lake
Peanut Passion

The best. The only place I can get this mix.