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Pastel Jordan Almonds
David Muramoto
Gorgeous Jordon Almonds

These are excellent examples of classic Jordon almonds. The only drawback is they're so good, they're gone so fast I need to reorder them again!

Small Pecan Pieces Raw
Store Manager

This is the best experience of getting produce from a vendor. I wish I knew about them before when we were not a company store. Thank you, Jerry's Nut House! Glad you are always there to help!


Jerry's is always a pleasure to deal with; easy to order and pick up at their warehouse. We really like the roasted peanuts

Best you'll ever eat!

I used to buy these from my Jerry's Nut House sales guy, Steve, in Longmont. I lost his contact info and am no longer working at that job. I LOVE these things so much I decided to buy direct. The chocolate is rich, creamy and complex. The cherries have a wonderful nose of cherry, duh, and a hint of pipe tobacco and Highland malt whisky in the background. The nose is SO very subtle and enticing. These are wonderful with a glass of Grand Marnier or good single malt Scotch.

Pine Nuts Raw
frank davis
pine nuts

I have always purchased pine nuts at Jerry's. My family in another state love them. I am thankful to be able to find them. They are a rare commodity. My only concern would be the price. But, alas, everything has gone up.

Mike and Ike's
James clark
Jelly Bean

Ordered Mike and Ike jelly beans from the website and picked up at the loading dock. I would like for the store to open up for the customers to enter and shop. Otherwise the people are pleasant to deal with.

The service was quick and the young lady was very pleasant

The product was outstanding
So fresh and delicious

Assorted Fruit Sours
Tracy D in Denver
The Perfect Sour Ball

Not too sour. Not too chewy. Sweet tooth heaven.

Great product for a great price

These mixed nuts are perfect as a healthy grab and go snack. They made a pleasant addition to any appetizer plate. I suggest you try them

I love pipita's.

I love pipita's. Jerry's have the perfect amount of salt.

Chocolate dipped Peanuts

I am still eating the Chocolate dipped Peanuts a week later. I eat about 5 a day. My teeth cannot take any more and stay in my mouth. The peanuts are delicious and very rich in chocolate. You do not need many peanuts to feel full.

Rise and Shine Mix
Tracy D in Denver
Jerry’s Nuthouse Rise and Shine, Perfection

The perfect blend of sweet and savory. Not too sweet or salty.


These are the best cherry sours I have ever had. They are so good and addicting. I will be ordering more!

Fabulous Cashews!!

My friend received his cashews in a timely manner and was very excited! He was recovering from surgery and the were just what the doctor ordered!!

Colossal Cashews

My friend loved the colossal cashews! They were delivered well packaged and very timely prior to his birthday!

Fresh and good


Jerry's Favorite
Darryl Walker

This was fresh and good

Sizzlin' Sweet
Richard Norris
The Sweetest Sizzlin'

The Only Way To Describe These Are: DELICIOUS!!!!

Jerry’s is a great place to shop for candy!

I miss shopping inside their shop but always easy to shop online. Tasty choices & many different excellent items at good prices. I especially love the nonpareils but I’ve never been disappointed in any purchase.

Warning...these are addictive

As a young boy going to the movies in the '60s a special treat was a box of raisinets. Jerry's DARK CHOCOLATE DRIED CRANBERRIES takes this treat to a whole new level. The dark chocolate is excellent and the cranberries are moist. My only problem is I can't stop eating them, that is why I bought a 5lb bag!

Caramelized Mixed Nuts
Jennings Larson

We have been buying annually, for years, a variety of nuts and fruits from Jerry's Nut House and the two that everyone like best is CARAMELIZED MIXED NUTS & CRAZY FOR CRANBERRIES. I personally rate the Caramelized Mixed Nuts are the BEST ever. We are planning to order again this fall (2023)
Thank you to each employee for outstanding SERVICE!
Jennings Larson 2-6-2023

Pooja Sankar
Love Gorp

Our favorite and go to for all outdoor activities (hiking, rafting, skiing) + trips where we want quick/convenient access to snacks.

Excellent Almonds for making smoked almonds

These are excellent almonds to put in a smoker! Also these work great for those roasted almonds recipes.

Love how much chocolate is used for this candy!

Fantastic candy