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So yummy!!

I was shopping today at Sierra trading post in Wisconsin And suddenly became very hungry. As I was waiting to check out and Jerry’s nuthouse Sizzlin sweet nuts caught my eye. I picked them up on a random chance that hopefully they would be good and hold me over until dinner. I have picked up random things in the checkout counters at other places taken a bite not really enjoy them and then they sit in my car for a month. One bite of these from Jerry’s nut house and I was hooked. I had to see if these were available to ship since I am quite far away from Colorado. If your question these don’t they’re amazing get them you won’t regret it. You have a new fan in Wisconsin

Best snack

We share with friends in Nebraska, love it!


These cinnamon bears are absolutely addictive! They are fresh, chewy, and the best in town. I send them to my nephew in NYC because he cannot find ones as good as the ones from Jerry's Nut House. Trust me, I always take out a hefty portion of cinnamon bears before I send them.

Excellent customer service

My initial order was reported as delivered by Fedex, however I did not receive it. I replied to an email from you guys and was quickly shipped out a replacement which I have subsequently received. The product was excellent as always but I really appreciate the time that your team took tho make my experience superb.

The cashews were given as a birthday gift to a friend in Sun Valley, ID. They were delivered on time and my friend said they were great and was most appreciative.

Pecan Caramel Patties

The pecan caramel patties are awesome!


Very fresh

Excellant... good healthy benefits.....

Healthy mix of nuts and no salt!

On a salt restricted diet? I have a hard time finding yummy no-salt options. This is one of the best. A good mix of nuts and raisins (though it is a little heavy on raisins).

A welcome surprise!

I ordered several items from Jerry's Nut house for sharing over the holidays. In the process, I stumbled over the Chili Mango Slices, and was intrigued. First taste today, and Y.U.M.!! They're so tastey! Just the right balance of tangy and sweet, on delicious dried mango. We'll definitely get them, again!

Excellent mail service as promised.

Cheese Mix

Fantastic! Bought it several times before and will buy several times again. It’s a huge hit with everyone!

The Raw Spanish peanut and the Pepetis were wonderful. Still enjoying them
Gotta say, your employee Ron, is the best. He represents Jerry's N H very well. He's good with people, I'd say he's a real asset to the CO.
Put him in sales!


Ordered it for a friend and her whole family loves them.

So yummy!

We love these cherry sours!

Rocky Madness - a favorite snack

This mix is the best. We love it - usually try to buy the 5 lb bag to make sure we're stocked up!

Love them

I bought a couple bags (and by a couple I mean 8) at a local gas station, but couldn’t live when I found them sold out!!!! So I went looking for bulk. And LUCKY ME!!! I love these chocolates and eat some every day!! I messed up the shipping address and got scared I would never see my beautiful chocolates — but they fixed this for me and I got my chocolates within two days of ordering!!! Please expect another order when I finish this second bag
Thank you for the heavenly chocolate!!!

Arrival timely & fresh!!!

The quality of the products & carefulness In packaging and shipping was really outstanding with cold packs to insure no melting of chocolate.
The receiver of this gift assortment was so impressed!!! Thanks Jerry’s!!


These honey toasted cashews and beyond amazing. I wasn’t a huge cashew fan but the moment I tasted these that all changed!

Always a good item

Fast service! Stands behind their product & always fresh & tasty 😎

Great stuff

I have ordered many times from this site.... excellent service.....excellent products.... excellent products.... and did I mention? They have excellent products!!!!!!

Great Gift

Order was shipped and received in great timing!! My grandmother HIGHLY enjoys them! She enjoys putting a slice in a hot cup of water with a slice of lemon. I definitely recommend ginger slices to anyone.

Corn nuts

Best corn nuts I have ever tasted!!! and they are not so hard that you worry about cracking a tooth...They are the freshest and crispiest (the best) corn nuts ever!
I recently saw Original corn nuts in a grocery store and bought 6 medium bags thinking I could start buying corn nuts locally...I ate one little scoop and threw the other 5 plus the opened one away. I don't know if they were just not as good as I remember them or if it was because I had tasted the BEST!