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Great Product

The product was fresh and delicious. I would definitely recommend this company

Very nice chocolate walnut#

These are very good dark chocolate walnuts!

Very good pistachios

These are very good pistachios!

No peanut oil!!!

Yay! Finding mixed nuts with no peanut oil is awesome!!! Thanks!!?

Mint Cookie Malt Balls

The most delicious treat. I bought 11 8oz bags this last time (previously 20lb bag) to share with co workers because of these their individual size. However, they came on a weekend (perfect timing) and when Monday morning rolled around, I was three bags short. I couldn’t help myself… my mother and I pop a few in our mouths all weekend. So, I decided not to give each co worker their own bag I took 4 bags in and they shared them amongst 10 employees and the last four bags was devoured by the following weekend. We’re ordering (much) more soon!
The best treat ever!!!

Cherry Sours

Soo good! Brings me back to when I was a kid

Pitted Dates
Albert Fourx

Dates in the 5 lb bag with very hard and absolutely really unacceptable probably will never get dates from you again but the pepitas and sunflower seeds were excellent


That 5 lb bag didn’t last long. Amazing for a quick snack. I will be restocking soon.

Corn Nuts
Best corn nuts

Freshest, Best I've ever had!!!

colossal cashews

The cashews were a gift for someone else. I have heard that he is thoroughly enjoying them.
The online order process was easy.

Cherry Nut Harvest
Tina McIntyre

We love everything from Jerry’s!!!

This is one of the very best fruit and nut mixtures that I have ever tasted

Cherry Nut Harvest
diane sigman caldwell


Sliced Ginger
Eileen Adachi
Tastiest Spicy/Sweet Dried Mango Slices

I ordered 3 bags of spicy/sweet mango slices which were excellent. It had the right flavoring and the mango slices were not dry, but just right in moisture.

You always do a great job fulfilling my orders.

We are looking forward to Nov 2022 our next custom order.
I miss Claude. Say hi from me

Assorted Fruit Slices
Adam Phillips
Excellent chew!

These are excellent little gummy-ish chews. The texture is really nice, and they are particularly good when left out to dry for a while.

So disappointed

I placed three separate orders From you the red licorice is twizzler licorice that you can buy in the grocery store not what you’ve always sold the caramel pecan patties are just a bunch of pecans dipped in chocolate with hardly any caramel in them the large cashews I ordered were mostly pieces plus they were stale I am so disappointed and honestly don’t think I’d ever order from you again

Spanish Peanuts Raw
Larry Arnold
Peanut Brittle

Makes the best peanut brittle


Jerry's nuts are so much better than what I can find (if I can find Spanish peanuts) at the grocery store. I always know they'll be fresh and tasty.

My favorite for years

I began purchasing chocolate from Jerry's Nut House about 30 years ago when my Girl Scout troop was making candy as a fundraiser. This dark chocolate is delicious. I now make candies to give as gifts.

Pecan Caramel Patties
Calvin Armstrong
everything was great

great and fast service.I'll be ordering again real soon..

Caramelized Mixed Nuts
Robert Langford
Fantastic Experience

Once again Jerry’s came through with fantastic product and service. I order from TX every year and have not been disappointed yet! If I lived closer I would shop there in person more frequently! The carmalized nuts are amazing!

For Your Health
Susan Tiburzi

Always very satisfied with the quality of nuts and the prompt service!

Love them. Great unique flavors